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I do many talks and workshops on a variety of topics.  I have found that the combination of story, learning and artwork is quite powerful and helps participants remember information as our memories are largely visual.

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Telling Your Family Story
With Collage

I do a talk that explores the creation of collages. It addresses materials, basic design concepts, developing a theme, deciding on a background as well as central image and supporting images. I take collages that I have created and deconstruct them so you can see the steps I considered in their creation. This can be done as either a talk or a hands-on collage workshops to help participants create a collage that tells their family story. 


Jewish Genealogy

My journey started with a series of artwork on family history titled Putting a Face on Family History.  As part of that exhibition I explored the stories behind my personal family history.  As I frequently do talks on family history, I incorporated the artwork and stories which makes it engaging as well as informative.  My genealogy talks can focus on Jewish genealogy or address the broader topics that are common to all.  I also can do more hands-on workshops on this topic if there is computer access.

Jewish Identity and Legacy

My series on Jewish Identity and Legacy gives a flavor for the Jewish community and the diverse strands that compose it.  Included in the interviews are stories of those who lived in early Jewish immigrant communities in Minnesota, those who were survivors and immigrated after the war and Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union who came in the 1980s and 1990s. Typically I play 2 minute clips of the interviews and talk about how the paintings grew out of their stories.  This is a talk that also addresses themes of how we honor the legacy of elders through story.

The book, We Spoke Jewish, is based on this series. In conjunction with it, I speak about topics such as immigration, oral history and story telling.

Holocaust Topics

Much of my work relates to the Holocaust and I do a number of talks that make use of different elements in my work.

The Silence Speaks Loudly, my work on Lithuania addresses how Lithuania deals with their Holocaust history today and the traces that remain of the former Jewish community. I address the stories contained within these series of paintings.  These are by their nature serious stories that address the death of the Jews of Lithuania (Gedenken), the story that was buried for many years, quite literally in the ground, and unearthed and published (Buried Truths II) and the stories behind what is now a restaurant in Lithuania (Shalom Aleichem).  In this talk I explore the traces of the Jews that remain in Vilnius and surrounding areas (The Nation of Israel Lives, I Was Here and The Jews Like Blue).  I use my artwork as a storytelling vehicle. 

The Jewish Identity and Legacy series also involved interviews with a number of survivors.  I have video of many of them telling their story and share excerpts with groups along with the paintings that evolved out of the video interviews.  I often use
video excerpts and you can find some of them on the Identity/Legacy tab.  Go to Postcard from New Ulm for an example of both text and video.

I have worked on a series of paintings based on Holocaust stories from a friend who is a survivor from the same town as my family.  On occasion I speak in conjunction with my friend. We have often exhibited my artwork together with her family photos that were hidden in family members' shoes in the camps.  You can see some of the paintings in this series at Dvora's Story.


I am often asked to speak to the topic of reinvention.  My journey has involved reinventing myself as an artist and writer, from a long career in finance.  Along the way I've often written about this topic in my blog and the process I explored to do this.  You can read more at my blog entries titled

A Declaration of Being,
Finding Your Passion,
Setting the Table,
Happy Surprises













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