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My blog, Layers of the Onion, deals with issues related to family history, research, travel and artwork.  Below are some genealogy articles that you may find of interest.  They are culled from my blog and address issues I've encountered in my own family research.

At the Boston IAJGS genealogy conference I attended a session by Ellen Cassedy and Lois Ogilby Rosen on how literature, both fiction and nonfiction, can inform our genealogy research.  You can read about the session below under Books That Inform Your Search.  That discussion inspired me to combine the portion of my reading list focused on Jewish genealogy, both fiction and non-fiction, with the list that was provided by the speakers and other readers.  You can download a copy of it.

A separate listing of websites and books that I find helpful is available as well. For additional resources please check the Resources page on the Minnesota Jewish Genealogical Society website  which I manage. You can find it at mnjgs.org.


Books That Inform Your Search
Informing Your Search Through Literature

Genealogy Searches
Principles of Genealogy Searches
Using Multiple Sources to Unravel the Mystery
Cracking the Code
Research in the Midst of Change
A Mystery to Unravel
Validating Instincts
A Better Front End: Using stevemorse.org
In Search of Family

Where Did They Come From?
Finding Your Family's Ancestral Town I - early 1900s
Finding your Family's Ancestral Town II - 1800s
Finding Family in the Lithuanian Database

Understanding Historical Context
History of the Pale of Jewish Settlement
Family History in the Context of World History
Family Ties to Zionism
Prohibition and It's Impacts
The Stories Within Family Stories
The Baron de Hirsch Fund: Providing Support for Immigrants
Immigration Laws and Documents

Using the Utah Family History Library
Using the Utah Family History Library part 1
Using the Utah Family History Library part 2

Searching at the DC Holocaust Museum

Researching in Polish Archives
Records from the Polish Archives
Researching at the Polish Archives part 1
Researching at the Polish Archives part 2
Locating Identity Papers in the Radom Archives
Using Technology in the Radom Archives

Researching Family in Great Britain
Finding My British Family part 1
Finding My British Family part 2
A Discovery in Scotland
Prior Research Solves the Mystery - More Scottish Discoveries
Obtaining Data from Scotland

Finding Family in a Belarus Cemetery
Linking Family to a Belarus Cemetery part 1
Linking Family to a Belarus Cemetery part 2

Researching in Newspapers
Jewish Newspapers Through Proquest

Researching Probate Records
Probate: An Often Forgotten Source

Finding Distant Living Relatives
Searching Through Holocaust Records

Searching in the Census
Searching in the 1940 Census

Available Research Databases
Researching at the Joint Distribution Committee
Researching the Industrial Removal Office- moving out of NY

Organizing Your Records
Making Sense of Genealogical Clutter

Searching the Lodz Ghetto for Lost Family
Holding Conflicting Thoughts
Making Sense of Records
Taking Stock

Searching the Familysearch Catalog
Turning Folklore to Fact

Finding a Missing Manifest in Canada






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